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Item Code :SANKI C.C.5LIT

Product Details
Sanki coil Cleaner renovates and cleans all types of coils including air conditioning, condenser, evaporator, refrigerator, cooler, etc. It loosens dirt and particles that have accumulated on coils, which then rinse away easily with water. Due to its unique emulsifying formula, it combines with the system's natural condensation and continues to flush away efficiency-robbing particles such as soil, grease and lint, through normal operation. Self-rinsing, units can be cleaned in-place, indoors or out. It can also be used to clean permanent filters and filter adhesive. It eliminates breathing in noxious odours and fumes and the hazards associated with the use of acids. It won't harm aluminium, copper, steel, or plastic, and it inhibits corrosion.


  • Air Conditioning Service/ Repair Contractors 
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals 
  • Industrial Plants 
  • Any Air Conditioning Equipment .


Package List: 1 Bottle -5lit