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Fluke 3000FC Wireless Industrial System
The Fluke 3000 FC IND Wireless Fluke Connect Industrial System Kit includes a True-RMS digital multimeter; a True-RMS AC current clamp meter with an iFlex probe; and a True-RMS AC voltage meter.
The Fluke v3000 FC Wireless Fluke Connect True-RMS AC Voltage Meter, 1000V AC is a fully functional True-RMS voltage meter that wirelessly relays AC voltage measurements to other Fluke Connect enabled master units.

Features :

•Communicate with iOS (4s and later) and Android (V4.3 and up) devices with Fluke Connect mobile app
•Wireless technology allows connectivity between phone, PC, and Fluke Connect-enabled test tools
•Team can see what you see remotely with ShareLive video calls
•Save money and time by taking multiple measurements simultaneously
•Isolate intermittent events or record signal fluctuations without being on-site, using log function
•Work with fewer interruptions by recording multiple sessions before downloading
•Save data to PC in .csv format (comma separated variable) file format
•Capture readings at different intervals with user-set recording intervals, from one second to up to one hour
•Send and communicate test data to managers and coworkers to assess abnormal system responses in an instant
•Have all asset test results at your fingertips after downloading to PC for future asset performance, tracking and reliability programs
•Capture up to 65,000 sets of MIN/MAX/AVG readings over single or multiple logging sessions, using recording capability; each reading and session is time stamped
•Avoid awkward or uncomfortable measurement positions; set up measurements once and read it as many times as you want, whenever you want
•View up to 6 live readings at once on the Fluke Connect mobile app or a PC to get a complete understanding of the situation
•Easily see backlit displays in dark or dimly lit work environments
•Choose auto or manual ranging
•Integrated holster protects meter, while probe holders keep accessories organized
•Be in multiple places at once, reducing risk of arc flash by keeping distance from hazardous measurement situations

Package Includes : 

•Wireless Fluke Connect True-RMS Digital Multimeter (3000 FC)
•Wireless Fluke Connect True-RMS iFlex AC Current Clamp Meters (a3001 FC) – 3pcs
•Wireless Fluke Connect True-RMS AC Voltage Meter (v3000)
•Test Lead Set (TL224)
•Test Lead Set (TL175)
•Alligator Clip Set (AC285)
•Alligator Clip Set (AC175)
•USB Adapter and Software (PC3000 FC)
•Magnetic Hanging Strap