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Fluke 561 Digital Thermometer
Lighten up your toolbox. The Fluke 561 IR and contact thermometer, combines the temperature measurement functions that industrial, electrical, and HVAC/R professionals need, all in one tool. It measures both infrared and contact temperature, replacing several other test tools. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use, saving you valuable time and effort.

Features :

•IR thermometer for quick measurements up close, or at a distance, without a ladder
•Contact thermometry capability, compatible with all standard mini-connector type K thermocouples, preserves your investment in thermocouples
•Fabric hook-and-loop fastener pipe probe for superheat and sub-cooling and other contact and ambient measurements
•Single-point laser sighting
•Temperature range of -40 °C to 550 ° C (-40 °F to 1022 °F) covers most industrial and residential applications
•Easy emissivity adjustment (Lo, Med, Hi) for measuring pipes and other shiny materials more accurately
•Lightweight (just 12 ounces/340 grams) and portable
•Very easy to use
•Efficient – no need to shut down equipment when making IR measurements
•MIN, MAX, and DIF functions help you quickly identify problems
•Scan large areas or small objects quickly and efficiently


Package Includes :

•K-Type Thermocouple Velcro Pipe Probe
•AA Batteries - 2pcs
•Hard Carrying Case
•User Manual